Home IgE Allergy Test – is it a myth?
Not with My Allergy Genius.

Convenient & Simple

Order your home IgE allergy test online and we’ll ship it right to your home. Just four drops of blood from a single finger stick – no phlebotomy, no lab visits, no doctor appointments. After testing is complet, results are available to view online, followed by a video chat with a physician (not available in all areas). AllergyGenius is the most convenient and simple allergy testing kit available.
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Reliable Testing

Our lab’s exclusive IgE testing technology allows us to test blood simultaneously in triplicate, with positive and negative controls, for unsurpassed precision and accuracy. This redundency allows for results that are >90% accurate. Using the latest technology, AllergyGenius offers a true report of allergic sensitivity.

Comprehensive Results

Get to know your immune system reactions to 65 of the most common food, pet, and environmental allergens. My Allergy Genius test kits will detect and measure the ACTUAL amount of IgE binding, creating a virtual “heat map” of allergic sensitivity to the most common food and inhalent
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My Allergy Genius provides accurate results the first time!

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My Allergy Genius provides results that can get your treatment started quicker and more accurately.

AllergyGenius tests the IgE antibodies cause when your body has an allergic reaction. This is the most reliable type of home allergy test on the market, and the same system doctors use in their offices. Except, our comprehensive analysis is available for you and your children in the confort of your home. Once you have your results, we will have a local doctor conference with you to determine the best course of action. AllergyGenius is easy and affordable, making recommended re-tests easier. This allows yo uand the doctor to monitor your children’s food and other allergies over time.

My Allergy Genius

When you buy a home IgE allergy test, you are getting the same quality test you’d get at the doctor. IgE allergy testing is the only way to understand which allergens can trigger a life-threatening reaction. Not all allergy tests are created equal. Other allergy tests, like IgG and hair-follicle analysis, only measure basic sensitivity, with often inconclusive results. Make sure you and your family are truly protected with a home IgE allergy test and get results you can trust.

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